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Welcome to RFM
Dear Stallholder/Trader,

On behalf of us all at RFM I would like to welcome you as a new stallholder to the leading group of Farmers Markets in Australia.

We continue to be proud to be involved in a community business that provides an opportunity for nutritious, low chemical impact and organic produce, grown with care to be sold by the producer. And to provide positive social networks that bring connectedness to each other, our communities and our earth.

Farmers Markets have now been going for over five years and we need to continue to focus on their long term sustainability. It is therefore our intention to continue to take the markets that we run to a new level of efficiency and professionalism. RFM markets are growing rapidly and we need to ensure that our criteria and point of difference keep our loyal customers returning and continue to encourage a whole new customer base.

We will work closely with you and assist you to grow your business in a more professional and committed way so the RFM markets will become the standard by which successful farmers markets will be judged. Your results will be increased business, sales and success.


It is vitally important that we have fast and effective two way communication between RFM and your business. Many businesses still do not have an email facility, (and some that do don't access it regularly).

We would encourage you to take advantage of this high speed, effective method of communication. By being 'online' your business will have access to the latest news from RFM and other businesses in the industry. If you are serious about your participation in the markets, we feel this is essential to the growth of your business. If you choose not to use email, we will not be able to contact you with information and market changes etc, so we urge you to get connected.


Non-attendance at a market is a issue we need to address. By not attending or not communicating that you will not be attending a market, you let down the other stallholders, you diminish the market, and you let down your customers and the reputation of the whole market. The damage caused by 'no shows' is immense. A vibrant market is made up of a full market mix. When stallholders fail to turn up they leave gaps in the market that disappoint the patrons who often arrive for that specific product. When they don't see that product they leave disgruntled, often never to return. Our managers need time to replace products that are not going to be at a market. This is impossible when we get calls on either Friday or Saturday morning informing us that you will not be attending that day or the next day's market.

There will sometimes be a genuine reason for non-attendance but we encourage you to set in place contingencies for such events. You are in effect running a retail shop, so your customers do not understand if you are not open when you say you will be. One missed market can undo months of building your client base. Plan your business and it will work for you.


The markets are a partnership between stallholders and RFM.

We continuously provide promotion of the markets through flyers, media advertising, calendars, and partnerships with volunteer groups and our website. We would encourage you to promote your own business through your own customer list and other promotional materials at other markets you attend. We receive several phone calls a week asking for stallholders contact details. This indicates that a lot of vendors are not actively promoting their business and losing sales between markets. Some stallholders are so efficient in their self-promotion that they have sold a good percentage of their stock before they even get to the market.

At RFM we will be continually looking for more effective ways to increase customer attendance at the markets but we need you to play your part as well. We suggest that by working closely with your customers they will follow you from market to market and guarantee more sales on slow days.

We have established a customer email reminder database so that many shoppers at the markets can be informed about news of each market several days beforehand.

Finally we again welcome you as a new RFM stallholder and hope that you will support us in our endeavours to raise the standards of all our markets and make them long term viable opportunities for all of us and to assist you to make your business work better for you. We ask for your co-operation and goodwill to enable this to continue to happen and to work with us to make RFM markets the ones that we are all proud to be involved in.

Please don't hesitate to contact Melissa Burge or Head Office with any comments

Melissa Burge: 0419 351 878
RFM Office: [email protected]

Kind Regards,
For Regional Farmers Markets Team

RFM Stallholder Information


Stallholder’s attending a farmers market managed by Regional Farmers Markets Pty. Ltd. (hereafter referred to as RFM) are subject to these strict Conditions of Operation.

The stallholder must confine their operations to within their allocated stall site. That is the area occupied by the stall, and is no wider than 3 metres unless otherwise agreed by RFM management. Stallholders will need to provide their own tables, shade or weatherproof covering. Marquees must have leg weights available to use on hard surfaces or in windy conditions.

The stallholder must be in attendance at their allocated stall site no later than 30 minutes before the scheduled market opening time. Each market will be held on the specified day of the month throughout the year WHATEVER THE WEATHER. Access to the market site will be as directed on the day.

The stallholder must keep their stall open for uninterrupted trading until the published market closing time unless all product is sold out. The stallholder may then only leave the market with permission of the market manager.
All stall fees are to be paid one month in advance during each market. If a stallholder fails to attend a market without having notified RFM at least 60 hours in advance, the advanced fee will be forfeited. The stallholder will then need to pay the advance fee again at the next market as well as the current fee. THIS POLICY WILL BE STRICTLY INFORCED as non-attendance diminishes the market for other stallholders and the credibility of Regional Farmers Markets.

If a vehicle is required to load and unload a stall, the stallholder must seek direction from the market manager for that purpose and only move the vehicle before the market opening and after the market closing.

All stallholders must remove and dispose from the market site all refuse and litter at and around the stall generated as a result of trading during the market. Council or RFM rubbish bins are ONLY provided for public use. Waste water from a stall must be disposed of in drains and NOT on grassed market sites.

The stallholder must pack up the stall in an orderly and quiet manner and leave the stall site in the condition that it was prior to the stall being erected on market day.

The stallholder must obey the lawful directions of any municipal council officer charged with the responsibility of overseeing the local laws pertaining to health and other regulations.

Stallholders must not consume alcohol during the running of a market. Public may be given small tastings of alcohol for the purpose of making a sale. Stallholders selling alcohol must have the relevant licenses from both the police and local council

If selling food or beverages, the stallholder must:-
10.1. Strictly observe all requirements under the Public Health Act and local council by-laws concerning the preparation, storage, display and sale of food and beverages.
10.2. Ensure that all food complies with all safety regulations having obtained all relevant permits from the proper authorities.
10.3 All products for sale must be clearly priced by the use of display cards, or on product packaging.
10.4 If stallholders use scales they should be tested and certified.
Download and print - Introducing Streatrader PDF (84KB)
Download and print - Selling packeged meat from vehicle or stall PDF (79KB)

Stallholders shall at all times:
Keep no more than 1 litre of flammable liquid in an approved container.
Keep more than two cylinders of LP gas not exceeding 25 litres
Secure any cylinder of inert gas therein placed to prevent dislodgement.

The stallholder acknowledges that:
12.1. The RFM manager has complete and unfettered right to allocate the stallholder’s market stall site.
12.2. RFM has complete and unfettered right to use any image of a market or particular stall to promote the market generally, whether by printed material, through its website or promotional means.
12.3. RFM may be able to provide electrical power through one 10 amp power point to each stallholder requiring power. RFM will levy a surcharge of $10 for each powered site supplied.

The stall may be inspected at any time by an authorized Council Environmental Health Officer to ensure compliance with legislative requirements. The officer should not be impeded by the stallholder in carrying out their duties.

These Conditions of Operation may be changed at any time by RFM.

The stallholder must indemnify RFM against all claims, demands, liabilities, losses, damages, costs and expenses incurred in respect of any injury or damage sustained by any person resulting from or arising out of the stallholder’s use of the stall in the course of the market.

16. INSURANCES.            
Where food and beverages are to be sold at the stall, the stallholder must in respect of their use of the stall effect and keep effected for each and every market a Public Risk Policy in the sum of not less than $5,000,000 in the form of a Standard Risk Policy covering the stallholder bearing an endorsement agreeing to extend the indemnity under the said policy so far as not already covered to include claims arising out of the indemnity contained in these terms and conditions provided that if there be no standard public risk policy then a Public Risk Policy in the form commonly used shall be sufficient for the purposes of these terms and conditions.

RFM has sole discretion to invite or exclude stallholders to participate in any market to provide an adequate ‘market mix’ and to ensure market diversity and sustainability. Stallholders must only sell products approved by RFM and cannot expand their product range without prior approval.

Criteria 1. Locally/regionally grown fresh produce sold by the grower/producer.
Criteria 2. Locally/regionally grown fresh produce sold by another stallholder who acknowledges the origin of the produce, and who understands the process that has created that produce. This produce/product would be sourced from the original grower/producer and not bought through a market or from sources and procedures unknown.
Criteria1 always take preference over Criteria 2. However should there be a shortage of a product then
Criteria 2 will always be welcome at the market.  A stallholder under this criteria will be a ‘value adder’ rather than an original grower but may provide a larger range of produce than from a single producer but the produce will be fresh and  taken direct from the original producer.
Product must be GM free, grown or produced with as little chemical use as possible and preference will be given to stallholders on this basis. 
Value added products, i.e. jams, chutneys, cakes; etc must be manufactured in Victoria with as much local ingredient as possible.
Produce from original stock from outside Victoria must be value added in Victoria i.e. teas, coffee, chocolates etc.
Any produce that is claimed to be organic must be certified organic.

19.1. Stallholders and assistants are required to maintain the highest standards of stall/product presentation, personal appearance, customer service and relations.
19.2. Stallholders must wear appropriate clothing including a name badge to ensure customer confidence, and the fulfilling of food hygiene standards.
19.3. Stallholders must refrain from smoking anywhere within the market site.
19.4. Stallholders should where available hand out RFM publicity material with customer purchases.
19.5. Stallholders should refrain from sitting, reading and mobile phone use while the market is open.
19.6. Stallholders must not place any goods beyond one metre distance from the front of the stall without prior consent of the RFM manager nor cause obstruction to other stallholders or the general public.
19.7. Loud and intrusive selling techniques will not be permitted. Stallholders are not to use any public address system, or other practices which may cause annoyance to other stallholders and customers.
19.8. No raffles or games of chance shall be permitted without the written permission of RFM management.
19.9. No political propaganda or raising of any petitions etc. will be allowed on any stall or other part of the market.
19.10. Livestock and/or attractions may be brought on to the market site only with the prior consent of both the council and RFM, providing the necessary animal movement legislation has been adhered to.

In these terms and conditions:
“RFM” means Regional Farmers Markets Pty. Ltd its Directors, managers and authorized agents.
“Council” means the municipal council area in which the market is conducted.
“Market” means each and every market managed by RFM.
“Market closing time” means 1.00 p.m. of the day of the market or such times as proscribed by the RFM manager charged with the responsibility of co-ordinating the market.
“Market opening time” means 8.00a.m. or the published  or advertised opening time.
“Stallholder” means the agreed holder of a RFM stallholder’s permit.

Regional Farmers Markets Pty Ltd
Suite 6, 23-25 Melrose Street, Sandringham VIC 3191, a company registered in the state of Victoria.    September 2009.

Produce Criteria
  1. Produce must be GM free.
  2. Any produce that is claimed to be organic must be certified organic.
  3. Produce must be locally/regionally grown/value added. This means:
    • no wholefood produce (fruit, vegetables, meat) grown outside of Victoria, and
      no 'value added' produce i.e. jams, chutneys, cakes, pastas, etc produced outside of Victoria.
  4. Produce from original stock from outside Victoria must be value added in Victoria ie teas, coffee, chocolates etc.
  5. Value added produce must contain as much local/regional ingredient as possible.
  6. Produce must be either sold by the grower/producer/value adder, OR sold by a stallholder (on-seller) who has sourced the produce direct from the original grower/producer/value adder and not from sources and procedures unknown.
  7. Produce sold by the grower/producer, whether fresh wholefoods or 'value added', will always take precedence over produce sold by a stallholder who sourced from another grower/producer/value adder.
    • However, if, and while, there is a shortage of stallholder grown/value added produce of that specific type then on-sellers of that produce will be welcome at RFM markets.
  8. Other allowed produce includes:
    • Hot food and drinks
      Potted plants
      Particularly unique food produce generally unavailable elsewhere
      Produce being sold which supports a local community group (ie fundraising cake stall).

Produce Preferences

Taking into account all of the above criteria, preference will be given to produce on this basis:

  1. Market mix
  2. Level of stallholder input into production of produce
  3. Certified Organic and other Low-Impact production methods
  4. R16;Food MilesR17; of produce
  5. Number of ingredients supplied to value adders by other stallholders

Market Dates

The market will be held on the specified Sat/Sun of the month throughout the year WHATEVER THE WEATHER. Access to the site will be as directed on the day.

Stall Fees

Standard stall fees are set for each market. If a larger or shared stall site is required, this should be negotiated with RFM beforehand.

Wet/Hot Weather Contingency

You will need to provide your own shade or weatherproof covering depending on the season. Unless there is a severe flood you will always have access to the market site and easy egress from the site.


There are a very limited number of powered sites available so please indicate if you wish to have access to power. Let us know exactly what power you will need and if we can provide it we will.

Health and Legal Regulations

Stallholders need to complete all forms and return them to the applicable Council/Shire with payment for fees

Please ensure you have a copy of your FSP and Food Registration with you at all times at the market. Health officers may ask to sight these documents during a market.

Trestle Tables

Each stallholder will need to provide their own trestle table and other materials etc needed to build product displays to conduct their business.


RFM suggest that stallholder's price by unit (i.e. bag, bunch, bottle) not by weight if possible. If you are using scales they will need to be tested and certified.

Insurance and Public Liability

Regional Farmers Markets (RFM) is a registered business ABN 29 125 973 542 and has an agreement with (insert details of market site owner) to conduct a farmers market on this site on (insert date of each market).

Public liability insurance for the market area is covered by RFM.

Stallholders must have their own product insurance, business and/or personal liability insurance.

We look forward to your participation and a great market for everyone involved.

If you have any queries regarding the market or any items above, please do not hesitate to contact Melissa Burge at any of the contacts below.

Mobile: 0419 315 878
PSuite 6, 23-25 Melrose Street, Sandringham, VIC 3191

RFM Stallholder Application

Stallholders wishing to apply for a market site should fill in a RFM Stallholder Application Form.

Download & Print RFM Stallholder Application Form -- PDF Version 36KB

Download & Print RFM Stallholder Application Form -- Microsoft Word Version 32KB

Make Every Market A Winner

Tips to help you grow your sales at every Farmers Market.

So you took the plunge and started direct selling your produce at one or several of the many Regional Farmers Markets (RFM) locations. You may be new to this style of direct selling of your product to the public or you may have been doing it for years.

But are you getting the maximum benefit from every customer that comes to every market you attend? There may be many opportunities you are missing out on to increase your sales. You have usually driven a long way to attend a market, so it is vital that your result is a good as you can possibly make it.

So let's break these opportunities down into bite sized chunks that you can digest and hopefully try them out.

Stall Presentation

Retailing is becoming more competitive every day. Therefore every retailer needs to find a point of difference that the shopper will notice and will make them want to visit you.

In a Farmers Market environment it only takes a few seconds for a potential customer to pass you by. The presentation of your stall is therefore absolutely critical in getting potential customers to stop and investigate your offer. Your product offer may be the best but if your presentation and display is drab and boring they will move on quickly. You must build in the 'WOW' and 'YUM' factor into your presentation so that they will want to regularly visit your stall and spend.

Here's an idea, build a practice stall at home. When you have finished stand back and make an appraisal what the customer will see. Now do you need to update any of the following to make your stall welcoming and exiting?

  1. Look at the basic design of your stall. At the moment do you just put up a pergola and put a table at the front? What about locating the main display table further back into the pergola. This would allow you to put a small display on each side of the pergola and allow your customers to come into your stall. Another idea could be to turn the pergola 45 degrees and put two displays on an angle to the customer. In other words give you stall some 'theatre'.
  2. Professional signage that can be seen from 30-40 metres away and conveys what you are selling is a must. Signage should appear above the front of your stall and also at the rear of the inside of your stall. Keep it simple, but make it professional.
  3. Use an A-frame in front of your stall to promote weekly specials/bonus offers/multiple buys/new products etc. Again make it look professional.
  4. Be critical of your product packaging. Will it entice the customer to pick it up and inspect it? Dose it ooze quality?
  5. Can you improve the way that the product is displayed? Remember you are selling a quality product. A product with great packaging can be a disaster if not displayed well. Don't forget there are some great ways to enhance your display with very little outlay. Don't forget the need for eyecatching product price display cards or boards, which on their own will add to the display.
  6. Carry your stall's presentation right through to how you are presented to your customers. Printed aprons, shirts and caps etc add up to a totally professional look.
  7. Think about putting up some banners or flags above your stall. This will help not just you being seen by passing traffic etc.
Other Ideas

Remember that Farmers markets are all about

Sight, Sound, Taste and Aroma

  • Are you making the most out of these senses to sell your product?
  • Do you have tastings of your products?
  • Do you have the opportunity to enhance your stall with product aroma?
  • Do you have the opportunity to play (not too loudly) applicable music or recorded product messages to enhance the ambiance of your stall?
  • Is your transport vehicle professionally signwritten to promote your business?
  • Do you actively promote the other markets you attend by handing out flyers etc?
  • Do you hand out recipes that your products can be used with?
  • Do you promote your business by handing out business cards to let customers know that you can take phone orders etc?
  • Do you get out the front of your stall when possible to help promote your products?

So at the end of the day you must make use of as many opportunities as possible to help grow your business. You have between 4 or 5 hours at each market to convert your product into cash and go home with an empty car or van. Sometimes the weather will not be the best but your customers will come because they want to shop at your stall. Your aim should be to -

Become The Must Visit Stall At Every Farmers Market.

Good Luck
The RFM Team

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