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Saturday February 22: Black Rock  Churchill Island  Newtown  
Sunday February 23: Williamstown  
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Regional Farmers Markets - Summer Market Guide
All markets open from 8am to 1pm.

Regional Farmers Markets (RFM) is a rapidly growing business serving Melbourne and regional Victoria since 1999, building and operating vibrant farmers markets with a team of over 250 growers and producers. We encourage each of these market communities 'to fall in love with local food' by fulfilling our commitment to:

  • Provide fresh local, seasonal food and produce with diversity and high quality.
  • Support healthy and sustainable lifestyles for families and communities.
  • Create an environment where people engage with the stallholders and each other and take pride in this sense of connectedness and belonging.
  • Support all our growers and producers to prosper and promote the health and sustainability of the natural environment.
  • Regional Farmers Markets attract between 1,000 and 2,000 regular patrons at each of their markets because of their reputation for consistently delivering the above criteria - whatever the weather. The RFM website attracts thousands of visitors each week and this, with the presence of the farmers market in local communities, has greatly enhanced tourism and stimulated local business wherever they operate.

    Regional Farmers Markets has an excellent record of collaboration with local service clubs and primary schools and has contributed to fundraising and supporting diverse organisations to build stronger communities and interdependencies. Service clubs have raised over half a million dollars in gold coin gate donations as RFM works with Rotary Clubs at Rosanna, Daylesford and Hampton and the Heathmont Lions Club. RFM raised $8000 for the Bush Fire Appeal in the Yarra Valley and contributed substantially to a Drought Relief Fund.

    To build on this record, RFM is actively seeking to take a leadership role by creating partnerships and building networks with local councils, service clubs, and other organisations who have common ideals - to secure a healthy future for the environment and communities. To achieve these ideals RFM can represent their growers, producers and patrons, so farmers markets become a strong voice in the community to promote more sustainable growth, collaboration and interdependency.

    Welcome to Regional Farmers Markets (RFM)
    Authenticity of produce at RFM markets

    Since opening our 1st Farmers Market in 1999 we have always had strict criteria for all stallholders to follow in bringing their authentic produce to market. We take these criteria very seriously and continuously conduct audits at each market to confirm that each stallholder is following the RFM criteria.

    Although it is only necessary for stallholders to meet the RFM criteria to attend our markets, many of them have, or will seek accreditation for their produce through the Victorian Farmers Market Association and we support their endeavors to do so.

    We carefully administer the variety and quality of the produce offered at each market and stallholder special circumstances will to be taken into account due to location, region and lack of producers in a specific market.

    We are constantly updating these 'grey' areas to ensure authenticity and we regularly publish these updates on our website under the heading of 'Stallholder Information' for all to see. As always we welcome public feedback and improvement opportunities that will further improve the quality and authenticity of RFM markets.

    We are therefore confident that the community when visiting an RFM market will always experience the integrity of an Authentic Farmers Market and will find no bric a brac, craft or re-sellers at our markets.

    In conclusion, we are proud of the commitment made by our stallholders and the RFM team to ensure our patrons can shop with confidence and "Fall in Love with local food ".

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